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Poster: Maevel at 2006-09-28 14:04:23
Subject: Question about level cap increase.
Will the level cap of all players be raised to 70 or is this reserved for people buying the expansion only?

I have several issues with the latest. If only people buying the expansion get the level cap increase then to me it's paying real life money to gain a serious advantage in world PVP and in many PVE situations (farming for example.) I am planning on buying the expansion, but i will not pay to gain advantage over someone else.

I don't really mind having a group of people (probably a majority) paying to get new content. That is fine, but when you mix up what content should be with what actually defines a character, this is when you get into moral issues of whether this is a game or a social club. If people are allowed to pay for more levels, then I really don't see why you would prevent people to pay for items, mounts, ranks, etc..

Thanks for an answer / confirmation (if possible)
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Poster: Drysc at 2006-09-29 00:36:29
Subject: Re: Question about level cap increase.
You will only be able to level to 70 if you purchase the expansion, but everyone will have access to the 41 point talents (just not the extra skill points to really take full advantage of them).

In a traditional sense an expansion (for any game) offers additional content, and in the vast majority of cases that content is to extend or prolong the amount of entertainment someone can gain from playing that game. In the case of most MMOs, character progression is really the basis of what that content will serve.

I'm not sure what amount of people are wringing their hands in anticipation to charge to level 70 so they can go back and run around in Azeroth and kill people, but that's something they could do if they wanted to (within the confines of our user agreements). Let's say we let everyone level to 70 to try to be fair, not only would players without the expansion content have almost no way to actually get to 70 in a reasonable amount of time, the advantage would still be felt by the 70s running through the dark portal wearing items from the new content.

I think trying to make 'progression' and 'advantage' synonymous is somewhat flawed without looking at what the intent of the progression is, and looking at what that advantage is really going to provide in a real world scenario. Are 70's going to be running around everywhere killing people for fun? Probably not any more than 60's do right now.

Q u o t e:
The hypocrisy comment comes from the fact that Blizzard cleary stated that they were against selling game content/levels/currency for real currency and the fact that they release an expansion which essentially will have the same effect as people buying gold/levels for real currency.

The difference between violating a user agreement by paying someone to access your account and receiving new content which you can progress your character through is enormous. I can understand your basic thought on why you would see that correlation, but they're just simply not the same thing at all.

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