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Why ads?

This site has become fairly popular, and while the costs of running this site aren't extreme, it's not free either. I had been thinking about putting up ads in the past, but hadn't really needed to.

If I ever did run ads, I decided I would go with Google text ads, as they seem pretty non-intrusive.

What really made me decide to run ads, though, was their AdSense Search. I've always felt this site's biggest weakness was its search (or lack thereof), and people who use Google's AdSense get access to their search engine.

In the end, I decided running ads in return for the search feature was worth it. The search on the official forums doesn't work well, and a subject search on my site often won't find the right post.

However, I'm always willing to listen to feedback. If you think I'm selling out by running ads, and that Google's search feature isn't worth it, please let me know by going to the Contact Page.

Edit: I'm in the process of getting rid of all the ads that feature things against the terms fo service but I have to enter in each URL individually and it takes a few hours for each to go into effect, so it's going to take a while to get rid of them all.

Edit2: It turns out there are literally a ton of these ads that break the terms of service. It seems for every one I remove, another comes to fill its place. Still, I'm adding the URLS as I can. If anyone knows of a better way to get rid of them (or even better get some ads for stuff like Quake 4 or other games, which actually might be useful ads) please let me know.

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