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Poster: Lucron at 8/14/2006 8:01:33 AM PDT
Subject: Account Payment Problems
   Hi, ok to start, this isn't my account, my friend is sitting right next to me watching me type this, because for some reason, I am getting "Login Failure" and am unable to log in my account, i was getting the same problem yesterday.

Secondly, about the account payment, I have been getting "Pending" on my account for hours now, aswell as being charged 2 different prices for the same 6 month subscription, they were both payed with the same credit cards, and such. One, (this most recent, which is the "pending" is being charged about 77$, the last is being charged about 84$)

Could I please get some help with this? Maybe I'm just stupid with computers.

Edit: My account says "This account is active and can be used for playing"

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Poster: Caerrus at 8/14/2006 10:03:18 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Account Payment Problems
   Could you please provide me with the name of a character on the account in question and the realm that the character is located on, so that I may investigate this issue? Thanks, Lucron. :)
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