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Poster: Kinyen at 8/14/2006 6:03:59 AM PDT
Subject: Why can't GMs fix a stuck NPC???

Q u o t e:

Issue Reported: Apparently someone failed the Curse of the Tides quest and left
Gazban standing there. Since we have to spawn him by "destroying the altar",
it is also inactive.

Can you please kill him so the quest resets for the rest of us?

We are aware of the situation you reported, and we are currently working on a solution.
Please check the World of Warcraft website ( for
future updates and corrections. We appreciate your patience.

Patience? This quest has been screwed up for about a month now (at least that's how long I've been aware of it). Every time I go out to this NPC, there's at least 3 or 4 individuals who need to complete this quest and can't because the NPC is already there (he is triggered by using an inventory item).

Is it that hard for someone from Blizzard to log into the game as a GM and kill this NPC?

Blizzard needs to take cues from Sony/Verant and make it so GMs can log into the game and kill stuck NPCs that don't reset if an encounter fails. Sony is able to do it quite easily and usually has problems like this resolved within minutes.

This type of problem occurs way too often. If it's that hard to get rid of a stuck NPC, reboot the server. You do it for other stupid reasons, why not this?

And I gotta yell ya...if GMs are really reading this forum, you need to get out of the "dodge 'em" practice of dealing with CS reports. You're quick to flag someone's account for "spam" but an issue that's holding up progress for many people is fluffed off. (Yes, I was flagged because I have Healix that announces when I cast a spell and someone reported me rather than ask that I turn it off.../shrug).
Poster: Berghe at 8/14/2006 6:22:10 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Why can't GMs fix a stuck NPC???
   I am sorry to say, Kinyen, that the Game Master Department is unable to address some instances of stuck NPCs, as it is development issue that must be addressed by our development staff. We strive to address every in-game issue that we're able to, however some situations are beyond our scope of ability.

As stated in the [Patch 1.11.2] - Known Issues post on the Bug Report Forums ()

Q u o t e:
  • Certain circumstances makes Gazban evade, making the quest The Curse of Tides incompletable.

  • Again, I apologize that we're unable to resolve this issue immediately. It is something that we're aware of, and our development team will address as soon as possible.
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