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Poster: Parmenion at 8/14/2006 5:20:20 AM PDT
Subject: Shutdowns unfair for aussie guilds
   It has become a common occurance that there is a shutdown almost every time our australian timezone guild raids.... this has become an extremely annoying process... IE... last night 13/08/06 we were up to ragnaros... the restart caused us to fail killing him and have to try again the next night... then Tonight ... another "Shutdown" where we were only just able to kill ragnaros and distribute loot with about 2 minutes to spare.. this has happened on countless occasions...

We normally raid at 5.30gt... which is primetime at 8.30 australian time... the guild as a whole is getting sick of this occuring.. there must be a way you can check the least played times.. ie.. maybe during work times in america or like 3 am gametime... this must surely be a time when there are few if any guilds raiding... or at least post it so we can get around it.. alot of the shutdowns have not been posted on the loading screen... INCLUDING the one tonight.. please blizzard... we enjoy our raiding..

We are aware there are oceanic timezone servers.. but i think its a bit inconvienient for a whole guild to have to change servers at cost for a problem that could be fixed...

We do not care about the scedueled shutdowns.. as we plan our weeks around this... but please .. either post well in advance or please try to alter a time to one which has less raiding guilds on... im not sure how this is with other servers but with ours its becoming a pain...


Poster: Caerrus at 8/14/2006 7:41:24 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Shutdowns unfair for aussie guilds
   If a server restart is necessary to improve realm performance or resolve a major issue, the server may be taken down for emergency maintenance as soon as possible. I'm sorry if you feel that this severely inconveniences you, Parmenion, but this can occur during primetime here in America just as it can during the Oceanic primetime hours. The important thing to remember about emergency maintenance is that it is not planned ahead of time, and it will only occur if there is a major issue which may affect the gameplay of multiple players; which needs to be quickly resolved.

If you would like to suggest that a change be made, please feel free to visit our Suggestions Forum. Thank you, Parmenion.
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