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Poster: Gatbyrn at 8/14/2006 2:38:02 AM PDT
Subject: Question about gm response
   So I recently recieved feedback from a GM that I did not think was very accurate, as ive seen several issues that regarded it in the past. The issue im speaking of is using another raid's raid Id to kill bosses or access content that they could not access on their own. As it is almost impossible to keep people out of your id unless you can control 40 people to never accept an invite from anyone, this seems like it should be an issue that can be taken against if someone is using your raid ID without permission.

The problem arose with the AQ quest givers that compete the regalia/armaments quests. A person who's guild cannot access this post twin emps content normally and using several different characters finally managed to get in a group with a person who was on our completed AQ raid ID to get himself and others into the instance. As decitful methods were used to access this content without permission, and as I know ive seen issues of cascading which is very similar to this in the past I would like to know why the response i was given was: "This action is not against blizzards policy."

To sum it up, the GM basically told me that noone from our raid ID's are able to accept or be in groups with members outside of our locked instances, as then they are free to access and use our ID's at their free will. A response would be appreciated as I completely do not agree with the repsonse i was given.
Poster: Berghe at 8/14/2006 3:14:55 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Question about gm response

Currently the functionality of Raid IDs permits any member of the raid to bind a character outside of the original characters present when the ID is first created. This function allows for groups to still progress forward if the original characters aren't available at a later date, as they can bring in other characters that have yet to be bound to an ID to participate in that raid instance.

Any player that has become bound to a Raid ID is able to then create their own raid group, and bind other characters to their Raid ID - this is completely within the current functions of Raid IDs. I would recommend letting your guild members know that you would rather not have other players invited to share the same Raid ID; if they don't respect those wishes you may not want to invite them to your raid instance in the future.

I apologize if this function is causing any inconvenience, yet it is the current function and the Game Master Department is unable to make such changes to the Design and Development aspects of the World of Warcraft. If you have any ideas or feedback concerning the current function of Raid IDs I strongly encourage you to post on our Suggestions Forum, as our Development Team regularly those forums:

I hope this has illuminated the topic a bit more for you, and that you pursue this further via the appropriate forum. ;)
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