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Poster: Diablosia at 8/13/2006 8:53:11 PM PDT
Subject: legality of twinks
   I looked back a bit and saw that the person asking about overgeared 30-39 chars, got the reply that it does not violate any blizzard policies.

So twinks are considered not in violation of any policy at the moment? What about high end enchants on lvl 29s? :) As long as it can be done under the current game mechanics it's okay to do, right?
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Poster: Pavonum at 8/13/2006 9:51:49 PM PDT
Subject: Re: legality of twinks

Q u o t e:
After the new patch comes out, they are enforcing an experience gain with every flag cap.


I'm not sure what your sources are, Nix, but I have heard nothing of the sort. Please try not to spread misinformation, if you would. :)
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